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Preparation Time :0:25

1 cup flour
1 cup olive oil

The making of the roux is the most important part of any Cajun dish. Roux making is a very simple process. Roux is nothing more than flour that has been browned in oil. The extent that the roux is cooked will determine the final flavor provided to your Cajun dish. I like to make a light to medium color roux for my Cajun pork chops, but a darker roux for my Gumbo.

It is best to cook your roux in a heavy skillet. Cast iron works great, but any heavy pan that has good heat distribution will work ok.

Place the oil (I like to use olive oil) in a hot pan and then stir in the flour. Cook your roux over medium heat stirring constantly to provide for even browning. It takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete the roux, depending on how dark you want it. Remember the darker the roux the richer the flavor that will be added to your dish.

I usually like to let my roux cool a little before adding it to my dish. If you add the hot roux to a liquid it could cause the liquid to splatter.

Take your time and you will have a perfect roux every time.

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